Technology Tools

Web 2.0 Cool Tools for Schools wiki: Click here to go to this wiki about new technology tools. It includes: 

* Presentation tools                    * Collaborative tools
* Research tools                         * Video tools
* Slideshow tools                       * Audio tools
* Image tools                            * Drawing tools
* Writing tools                           * Quiz and poll tools
* Music tools                             * Graphing tools
* Organizing tools                      * Converting tools                  
* Mapping tools                         * Widgets
* Creativity tools
* File storage & web pages

50 Ways to Integrate Technology in Your Classroom: Click here to find lists of links in various categories:  Free websites with learning & teaching tools; management tools; web 2.0 tools for projects; Using digital cameras in the classroom; Digital storytelling; Slideshows; Google tools.

Web Tools for Teachers by Type
:  Click here to find a teacher's collection of tools that " . . . are easy to learn and use, have fun features that can be applied to an educational environment, and are free."